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R Kyllo

R Kyllo

Denver, IA


NOTE: The "fineart america" text, in the lower right corner of the images, will NOT appear on your final print.

Coming from an industrial career, there has always been some form of creativity in my work (first artwork published over 30 years ago). I have sold an astonishing number of commercial photographs, so many in fact, it is unlikely you have not seen one somewhere! When producing artwork, I enjoy atmospheric scenes of vast open spaces of the oceans, North, and Western Americas. (But won't ignore any other parts of the world!) There is no particular interest in realism (straight photography for that, and I'll occasionally put some of the more conceptual work here.) Strong color and strokes are used to try to evoke the feeling of the view, whether it is the blistering heat of the arid west, or the ice and snow of the north, the impending darkness of storms, or silence and tranquility of a rural nightfall. The subjects are the many things experienced, many places visited, places yet to go, and some things just imagined. Traditional media - stand alone, the so called "tradigital" computer enhanced traditional art media, and digitally transformed photography may be used. Hope you enjoy, and send your suggestions!


Solitude Silhouettes by R Kyllo


Sunlight over Water by R Kyllo


Rising in the Blue by R Kyllo


Winter Farm by R Kyllo


Mountain Gray by R Kyllo


Night Castle Ruin by R Kyllo


Winter Farmland by R Kyllo


Wind at High Elevation by R Kyllo


Red of White Night by R Kyllo


Blaze over the Forest by R Kyllo


Moonlit Isolation by R Kyllo


Soft Moon Rising by R Kyllo


Moonlight by R Kyllo


Touch of the Sun by R Kyllo


Night Stars by R Kyllo


Night Strike by R Kyllo


Late by R Kyllo


Moon's Indifferent Light by R Kyllo


Ice Pond Moonrise by R Kyllo


Marsh Mists by R Kyllo


Towering Sentinels and Distant Shore by R Kyllo


Night Silhouette by R Kyllo


Wildfire Abstracted by R Kyllo


The Camp by R Kyllo


European Street Scene by R Kyllo


Pines in Misty Light by R Kyllo


Escape of the Red Balloon by R Kyllo


Mountain Flower Field by R Kyllo


Natural Time by R Kyllo


Rare Floral by R Kyllo


Ethereal Morn by R Kyllo


Coastal Sun and Crashing Waves by R Kyllo


Flight South by R Kyllo


Overlook at Dusk by R Kyllo


Night Lights and Boats by R Kyllo


Northern Gold by R Kyllo


Forest Moonrise Glow by R Kyllo


Luna Per Pontem - Moon Over Bridge by R Kyllo


Silence Ahead of the Storm by R Kyllo


Lignum Abstracta - Tree in Abstract by R Kyllo


Accent Spice by R Kyllo


Fluid Blue Freedom by R Kyllo


North Lake Route by R Kyllo


Sky Streaks by R Kyllo


Sinking Sun by R Kyllo




Snowy Daybreak by R Kyllo


Moonrise Over Strait by R Kyllo